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Do you use the SAME content across all your platforms?

This is a MAJOR FAIL for your digital brand!

Your digital brand depends so much on your ability to understand how users consume content on each of the platforms.

✅ Understand how users consume content in each specific platform
✅ Adapt your content for each platform
✅ Understand when to/not to sell
✅ Attract different types of engagement based on your fan base
✅ Grow your personal or business brand in a multi-faceted manner

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Below is a transcript of the video above created by Seb’s Robot buddy, Zekton. He tends to make mistakes so please forgive him if you find errors or some funky sounding sentences. For the real deal, watch the video above! I hope you were able to find value and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or insights on SEO or any aspect of digital marketing!

What’s up guys that seb here in Irvine today near UCI, I’m actually visiting a client that I’m doing some personal consulting for on all things, digital marketing and digital branding and digital branding is something that we really got in deep today this morning. And, um, you know, digital branding has so much to do with the different types of platforms that you’re putting your content into. Right? So, um, the main thing to think about is the difference in the way that people are consuming the content in each of those various platforms, so that when you’re representing your own personal brand, like in this case or your business brand, that you are representing your brand in an appropriate manner, that’s going to get you the best results and give you the best engagement based on the platform. Right. So what does that mean? It means that it’s totally different to put out content on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, for example.

Right? So let’s go with a short example on Instagram versus LinkedIn. If you’re putting out content for your personal brand or your business on Instagram, it’s got to be a really good one, visual, whether it’s a video or a photo that’s going to make somebody stop, right? We’re all scrolling so fast regardless of the platform, right? What’s going to make them spot, uh, stop. Um, it’s gotta be something maybe, uh, lifestyle oriented, some that’s very colorful, something that’s really cool. And then you can get people to engage on the text, whether it is going to be about your product or your brand, or really just something not necessarily related, but you want people to actually engage with you so that later on, they noticed that your brand or go to your profile or follow you, or whatever, that may be very different. For example, the LinkedIn, um, if we’re looking at LinkedIn nowadays has changed a lot, definitely becoming more of a content platform.

And, you know, it’s a place where you definitely want to educate, uh, provide value, uh, about, uh, your service or your brand or whatever your expertise may be. Um, so that people are interested in and maybe possibly engage with you as opposed to just sales, sales, sales, sales, sales, or recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, right. I’m sure you’re sick of people selling you via DMS on LinkedIn. I sure am. And uh, obviously it’s a great recruiting platform, but what I’m saying is that it’s now beyond that recruiting platform, right? So does a great place to obviously showcase your personal brands or your businesses, a large accomplishments or partnerships, and really just kind of educating and providing value, um, to the people you’re connected with or your fans out there so that they can later on engage with you and potentially do some business with you. So a short moral of the story is digital brand digital branding really depends on the platform that you’re on. So understand how users consume the content in each of those various platforms so that you can get the best results and represent your brand as best as possible. That’s it for today until next time guys,

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