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Probably boring to have to deal with but really important when it comes to SEO!

In this short video I share some insights from our onboarding of Big Brand Tire at our SEO agency Socketbox (

We audited over 10,000 URLs!.. but whether you have 10 or 10,000, URL structure is important.

Things to keep in mind:

✅ Using hyphens Vs underscores
✅ Not using Mixed Case URLs
✅ Make them Keyword Rich
✅ Make URLs Easy to Remember
✅ properly use canonicalization and redirects
✅ Avoid Numbers in the URL
✅ Use a single URL for a single piece of content

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Below is a transcript of the video above created by Seb’s Robot buddy, Zekton. He tends to make mistakes so please forgive him if you find errors or some funky sounding sentences. For the real deal, watch the video above! I hope you were able to find value and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or insights on SEO or any aspect of digital marketing!

What’s up guys Seb here in Santa Monica. What are the share some insights with you today regarding your structure? We recently onboarded a great client. Know we’re in soccer box media, our SEO agency, and that’s a big brand tire. If you’re anywhere in California, you probably know them. They are a tire and service shop with 20 different locations. So as you can imagine, 20 different locations with kinds of tire skews, they’ve got to be very deep website. So one of the things they’re doing is they’re transitioning onto a new platform. So they needed to hire a professional SEO agency to audit all the technical aspects of the website to ensure a really solid and proper transition. One of those items is analyzing the URL structure. They had over 10,000 URLs. That’s a pretty deep website. Your website may only have 10,000, I mean only 10 URLs, excuse me, 40 or maybe 40,000 yards.

Now the importance of the whole thing here is that it is important, right? So there are things such as making sure that your URL is keyword rich, uh, using hyphens instead of underscores making sure your site is properly using canonical URLs, that you’ve got a solid and properly implemented list of three Oh one redirects. And the list goes on. The point is your all structure, whether you have 10,000 URLs or whether you have 10 is important, and it is a serious ranking factor when it comes to SEO. So make sure that you’re doing it right, and that you’re implementing best practices. Feel free to reach out to me with any more questions on that matter until next time guys. Peace.

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