Sabina Bhatia is an accomplished Leader and customer champion tirelessly fighting for the financial wellness of every American worker.  As a Chief Customer Officer at Payactiv, she acts as a daily advocate and amplifier for the needs of thousands of corporate clients and millions of lower-income workers.

After 20 years in Wall Street Sabina has been instrumental in building the financial category of Earned Wage Access which is a super interesting concept that we get into in the podcast. Think of hourly wage earners having access to the money they’ve earned for the hours they just completed the previous day without waiting for a paycheck.

Sabina is a member of the Conscious Capitalism Senior Leadership Network. 

She is also a MENTOR for Girls on the Run, a certified skydiver, a 5-time marathon runner, and a 2-century bike rider. Pretty sick right?

This interview taught me about a category that I didn’t even know existed and can be a major catalyst for the solution of a widening gap between the lower-income hourly wage earner and the high-income part of the population.

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Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Sabina’s last oh shit moment
  • Seb reads off several awards that Sabina’s company has achieved in the past 5 years.
  • What is the most unconscious or least purpose-driven thing that you did as a young girl or woman?
  • Sabina is on the Conscious Capitalism Senior Leadership program, a mentor for Girls on the Run, a certified skydiver, a 5-time marathon runner, and a 2-century bike rider.  What is gnarlier the marathon or the century bike ride?
  • At what point in your life did you decide that profit should go hand in hand with purpose?
  • Tipping and bad service.
  • Payactive is based on the concept of Earned Wage Access and Sabina has been involved with its expansion since 2012
  • Sabina explains EWA.
  • Examples of real life users.
  • Real life examples of a company using EWA for its employees. How is the company benefitting?
  • Payactiv is a B Corp. What are the main pillars that have helped you guys become a B Corp?
  • How is a fintech company sustainable?
  • When do you believe that the label Certified B Corporation will become mainstream and will it ever?
  • We are experiencing massive inflation. This is due to money printing and it seems as though the gap between low-income people and households and high-income households is significantly widening. What do you see as the solution to this serious problem?
  • Many people today and especially since the pandemic are experiencing financial stress. They live paycheck to paycheck or one paycheck behind which gets them into debt.
  • What is the #1 thing that you recommend they do first?
  • Sabina shares her top two traits for a conscious leader to embody.

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