Today I had on FORWARD COLLECTIVE founder, Jenna Greene. Jenna has spent the past 15 years of her career as a marketing and media strategist with a focus on social responsibility. 

She works at the intersection of philanthropy, entertainment, and business and conceptualizes and implements large-scale movements and socially responsible branding strategies aimed at building awareness, revenue generation and action around a shared purpose.

She works with big names such as LegalZoom, the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, Buzzfeed, and more. 

Today we talked about how important it is for brands to engrain social impact into the ethos of the company and how it’s not too late to do it even if a company has been around for a long time and didn’t have that built in in the past.

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Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Jenna’s last oh shit moment
  • Why do you feel that it’s important to be a conscious human period? And what does that mean to you?
  • Jenna on unconscious vs conscious living.
  • Brands have been really pushing for social impact over the last 20 years or so. Why is that? Why the sudden awakening?
  • Jenna strategizes for companies like LegalZoom, the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, Buzzfeed and a ton of other well-known names. 
  • What does a company like this ask for?
  • Evolution of philanthropy towards impact.
  • Ingraining social impact into company DNA
  • How does social impact drive revenue for brands? 
  • Do you find it easy to correlate it directly?
  • Giving Vs Facilitating
  • Disability and inclusion in work.
  • Having fun and its importance in business and in the workplace. 
  • Jenna serves on the advisory board of the USC Marshall School of Business, Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab. What exactly does that look like?
  • Jenna shares her top two traits for a conscious leader to embody.

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