In this podcast episode, Sebastian interviews Energy Steve, a conscious rapper. They discuss Steve’s journey in music, his passion for conscious rap, and the impact of conscious rap on society. They also touch upon Steve’s journey in dunking a basketball and how it led him to pursue his passion for rapping which inspires thousands to believe that their dreams can come true. Steve shares his thoughts on the current state of rap and hip hop, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. He also talks about his transition into music and the positive impact he hopes to make through his music and even raps on the show!

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Show Time Stamps:

  • [00:00:00] Steve’s passion for conscious rap and its societal impact.
  • [00:01:40] Evolution of rap from personal stories to mainstream trends.
  • [00:04:51] Transition from dunking to videography.
  • [00:08:46] Steve’s dedication to achieving his dunking goal.
  • [00:09:31] Overcoming genetic limitations.
  • [00:10:28] Transition to pursuing a rap career.
  • [00:17:37] Finding passion, monetizing, and leveraging past experiences.
  • [00:19:19] Incorporating music into vlogs and podcasts.
  • [00:21:32] Impact of conscious rap on a broader audience.
  • [00:26:29] Insights from a plant ceremony on the heart and mind.
  • [00:27:29] Dancing with the ego rather than rejecting it.
  • [00:32:24] The necessity of setting limits and boundaries.
  • [00:35:00] Prioritizing joy and excitement in life choices.
  • [00:36:50] Self-understanding, recognizing patterns, and purpose discovery.
  • [00:40:47] Empathizing with diverse perspectives and embracing growth.

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Sebastian (00:00:00) – Steve, welcome to the show, brother.

Steve (00:00:03) – Thank you for having me, dude.

Sebastian (00:00:05) – Yes, sir. Why don’t you just kick it off with some verses, bro?

Steve (00:00:08) – All right. You asked me to throw some bars down. I was thinking which ones? I didn’t know where to go. So where do I begin? Where do I start? Got a feeling in my heart that I want you to feel because it feels so real. So I drew from the reason I’m believing what See, even what I’m seeing. Because everything is closed now all of a sudden. How many different space? Thank you for switching the pace. Running an infinite race. Keeping it simple. When I make an impact dimple, when I make you laugh, wrinkles and everlasting love, it ripples into the infinite, perfectly symmetric, limitless, effortless. Why don’t I focus on life when I have all the answers to questions I ask just the next step in my path. I’m taking one step at a time. All I ever need. Yeah, All we ever need.

Sebastian (00:00:46) – Yes. Love that kickoff. Hell yeah, brother. Yeah, man. Steve, when was your last. Oh, shit moment. First thing, when you think of the first thing that comes to mind,

Steve (00:00:51) – The latest music video I recorded. Uh huh. It was a dream come true. Multiple synchronicities in one day and just like layers of a dream unfolding following the joy. And it was one of the most fun days I can ever remember. Yeah, I love that, man. That is awesome, dude. I’ve been talking with some homies about like, the concept of conscious rapping for a long time now. It’s like, where are the conscious rappers? Where are hip hop artists that are spreading more love and joy? What do you feel like? What is wrong with most of rap and hip hop that we’ve been used to listening and kids are mostly listening to? Sure, I like to see the music journey of like, I’ve gone to a lot of festivals this past year and it was really cool to hear so many different genres.

Sebastian (00:01:40) – I feel it expanded my education. It was a music education. Yea, super fun. And one thing I noticed was like no matter what time people are in, people like myself who feel like they need to express, they’re just sharing what’s happening in there now. Yeah. So I think in the past people were just sharing their stories and there was violence and there might have been drugs and there might have been whatever it was, but it was their truth and that’s how they got through it. Like I’ll share later in this episode, probably some of my corporate truths. And I was stuck in corporate. And then as that got out, what I’m seeing now, and this is my limited view, is things that got popular, people were trying to follow what’s popular or follow what’s mainstream or follow what’s helping them get successful. Yeah, so they might have lost that truth of what the stories were. And then same with just like maybe mumble rapping or just like hype. Music is like they’re just trying to follow these trends.

Sebastian (00:02:29) – But I’m super inspired by Lil Dicky, and so what he’s done for me is like showed me like similar thoughts that I’ve had give me permission to rap the way I want to. So the way I’m seeing is like, it went crazy one way of like all the way this, you know, I’ve heard it in the past two they’ve rapping about the same three things money, sex and drugs or money, sex and wealth, the same thing. But at this point and then it was like he was like anti that because he’s like, hey, this is my land. But it’s almost like all the way the other way. Interesting. And then also I started to notice people are doing affirmation trap music, music, which I love, like just straight affirmations over and over again, repeating. But then for me, I was like, I’m trying to find some that bump still. Like I love I love the hard music or whatever stories it is, even if the words don’t resonate with me because they just make my neck loose is what I like to say.

Sebastian (00:03:14) – Exactly. Just makes me bump. And so Dickie’s anti and then there’s like. So we went like one way. Then he’s like, I’m not that. And now it’s like kind of finding its balance with like conscious bumping music. I love that, bro, because that’s a lot of what I’m about. It’s like there’s this whole so when we were kids, at least when I was a kid, I’m older than you, but it was like doing good was not that cool. It was only related to a certain groups. Maybe it was just church thing and at the time maybe church wasn’t that cool or whatever it was. Something was I’m just generalizing here overall, you know? And so how do you make what’s conscious and what’s good for the world and impact cool? And that’s what I love that you’re trying to find that exact midway point because it’s like, you know, rap still has to bump, you still be badass shit, you know? But so how do you mix that in? You know? I love that.

Sebastian (00:04:03) – I love that man. Thanks, dude. Yeah, I love it. We’re back, Back, We’re back. We actually just had. You guys didn’t see that. We had a cat just jump through the studio here and it was wild. Let’s go back a little bit in your journey. Steve Sure. So you were 510 and one of your first dreams was to dunk a basketball. So and that took you on a crazy journey in life. So share that with us a little bit. So growing up, I’ll go all the way back. I was the shortest of my friends, which made me want to stand out through jumping in sports and speak. So that’s like, I didn’t know it back then, but that’s how I was trying to express myself. Then later in high school, I just had this one thought of like I always dunked as a kid. I think a lot of young boys do. They’re just like dunk it on low rim. Some of their friends dunked on my trampoline and it was always my way of having just fun.

Sebastian (00:04:51) – I loved the dunking aspect. I have videos of me when I was five dunking, which is really cool. And so, yeah, when I was in high school, I’m like, What if I can touch the rim? I saw my. Friends. I was on the JV team. No skills, never believed in myself. So, so short. And every NBA player is tall. I’m like, by default, I can’t make it. That’s just my limiting belief I have. And then I saw my friends jumping and trying to dunk and it was like a wow, like a gift. Like they are a dunker. There was like dunking people who are freaks and non dunkers. And that’s that’s how humans were divided. It felt like you have that freak gene that you can jump high or you can’t. And yeah, short, white and Jewish. It was like no examples of that. Yeah. So then I tried to touch the rim, touched it, then I grabbed it, then I hung and I’m like, wait a second, I just practice for a little bit and I think I can train this.

Sebastian (00:05:36) – Started training it and I actually started searching on YouTube how to find it. No Instagram yet, just YouTube. This was in 2011, 2010, 2011. I was 18 and I found this guy that was 510 white and he did it. So like, made my little mind say, Oh, you can do it now because someone else standard was there that belief. So now looking back, it’s like, Oh, I saw it happen. So then I believed it. But through the whole journey I realized, Oh, if I believe it first, I can see it, meaning I can materialize anything. So I just went on this journey, grabbed the rim, got my first Dunkin like 6 to 9 months, and then just like the doors were wide open, I’m like, okay, if I trained here, like beyond what I even thought possible, let’s see how far I can take this. And that was just purely for that joy of and then I was windmilling, I increased my vertical about 14in.

Sebastian (00:06:23) – I went from I touched 11 foot, two and a half, I think it was, which is like a 42.5 vertical dude, my max. And that was it was amazing. It was incredible. That’s wild. But now this sort of It took you on a further journey, though, right? You were inspired. What what else happened from all of this? So during that time, I got my corporate job, and when I was dunking, I realized, okay, as soon as I got my corporate job, I’m like, I don’t like this. I don’t like sitting at a desk, What the heck can I do to get out of this? And one thing I was doing was already filming myself. Casey Neistat, huge vlogger. I’m not sure if you’re familiar, but he was hugely inspirational to me and he was logging and vlogging was getting huge. I’m like, I would love to be a vlogger. I’m doing it already that if I could blow up on there, I feel so free.

Sebastian (00:07:06) – I started vlogging, so vlogging, learning my love for cameras. And then I started to notice the same limiting beliefs I had with dunking through like, my camera work. And so it just it led me on this personal growth journey and which led me to like being on YouTube more, which led the podcast, which led me to Joe Rogan was one of the first podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson that opened my mind of like, Oh my God, instead of listening to music at work, at my corporate job or riding in my car, I could listen to a podcast and like download all this information. So my mind was expanding like crazy. Noticing started meditating, started reading, started just doing all different mindfulness practices. And three years after that, like 2019 is when I quit my job with this newfound mindset from eight nine years of dunk training to pursue freelance photo and video. And just because I was like, this is at least one step closer to something I love where I’m miserable at this job right now.

Sebastian (00:07:57) – So I don’t know if I want to be a photographer videographer, but this is at least a step. I mean, and this all started from the dream of wanting to dunk. Yes. Was there I feel like you said it, but was there a moment when you you saw someone else do it that was also 510 white dude? Yes. Because dude. All right. So I had I had the second highest vertical when I was like 14 after Dewan Finley and Dewan Finley was a fucking beast, bro. He was a beast. And so I was stoked and I was still nowhere near dunking. And I’m six foot. So dunking is no joke. People out there, if you never played basketball. So was there a moment where you actually believed that you were going to do it? Was it that moment when you saw the other homeboy do it, when you saw him do it or you were. That was still more of like it’s still like, yeah, you believe you could, but was there a moment that was critical? Yeah, there was a moment where it was like I went from I couldn’t touch the rim.

Sebastian (00:08:46) – Then I started touching it. Then I started like, grabbing it, like just snapping it. And then I was like, if I could hang on the rim the same rim that NBA players hang on. That’s like that already was a dream state of like that was. And so me feeling so small, jumping and hanging, I remember like, okay, I think this is trainable. And at the same time I was like, He did it. Now I’m like, it felt like 100%. But the whole journey till the first dunk was always like, Can I really do it? But I kept increasing and I’m like, If I’ve already increased, why can’t I? It’s just like the perfect example of tiny little steps. Tiny step. Ty Man, that is epic. So I got to read this from the list here because when you transition from your corporate job, you started pursuing passions. You got certified as a life coach, master practitioner of neural linguistic programming, addiction recovery coach. And you got Reiki attuned.

Sebastian (00:09:31) – Yes. So how do we overcome our genetics? Wow. One believing that you can do anything. And I had this The reason I feel like we can overcome our genetics is because there was one time in my life with later my dunking when I was training for eight, nine years, I’m like, I wanted to squeeze out another half inch. Like it gets really hard there and I’m like, Maybe it’s my genetics. I found that doubt and I’m like, Do I want to feed into that? That we can do that or not? But it was like an ultimate excuse for me that. This is my genetic. You can’t do it. I’m like, Look how far I’ve pushed my genetics. Why would I stop here? Such an easy and comforting excuse. Yes. Right. So how do you dispute it? You’re like, Yeah, genetics. So the question was, how do I overcome them? Yeah, how do you overcome genetics? So for me it was tiny steps and just going deeper within myself with like, what do I truly believe is possible in this universe? And I did that and I got I actually got to a point where I like made the step that I didn’t think I could do.

Sebastian (00:10:28) – One of them was dunking in a game and the ball came off. Someone shot it, it bounced off the rim and I caught it in the air and I dunked it in the game and it was incredible. It was one of my favorite dunks I’ve done. This is just last year, and I was like, Yeah, I did something I never thought I can do and I was like super shredded at the time. So I was like, I’m shredded making, shaping my body the way I want and performing the way I want. And I’m like, I realized I still didn’t believe I can do more. I’m like, Wait, how many goals do I have to hit to overcome what I used to think was genetics? For me to believe I can overcome my genetics. And that actually led to my transition with rapping because I’m like, I feel like I’m going down this path of continuing to train to dumb because I’m like trying to prove this over and over and over again. But if I truly believe it, do I even want to do that? If I believe I can do anything with my genetics, do I want to use all that energy for just dunking? But then so it was like a year process of letting go of dunking because I’m like, okay, if I truly believe I can overcome my genetics, I’ve done it time and every time I set my mind to it, I do it.

Sebastian (00:11:28) – But it gets harder and harder because it’s like harder goals. But I’m like, I believe I can, but do I even want to? I’m I’m just trying to prove it felt like fear. It feels like, do I even believe it? But I’m like, I don’t want to act out of that fear. And it took a long time to get clarity on my acting on it because I don’t believe I can do it. Interesting. Yes. It was like you’re trying to prove yourself wrong now or trying to prove yourself right. I don’t mean wrong. I don’t even know. I just got we got into a loop there. Yeah, but okay, we’ll go a little bit more into that. So. But first, why don’t you just drop me some more? Let’s give me a little bit. Okay, so which one? So now I’ll do something. This one was when I was in corporate. I’ll drop it about like this. How I looking back, I love the Steve Jobs quote.

Sebastian (00:12:08) – It’s you can only connect dots looking backwards and it’s like, yeah, So it helps me because it’s like you just when you follow joy, you don’t know where it’s going. Your mind’s like, How is this going to make money path is this leading down? And so when I look back, though, I can look at all these moments I had of like writing this rap that I’m about to do, or different dunk experiences or quitting my job as like I didn’t know at the time and it felt scared. I look back, it’s like, Oh, this led to this, which led to that. So this rap was me like probably 6 a.m. in the morning writing because that’s the only time I could. And yeah, I’ll just wrap it up. Do this up on Amazon. I bought a telescope, no lie, checked my shopping cart. I’m feeling kind of nebulous. Stars in us is so similar with Shine bright but never reached the limelight and we hardly get noticed. Our life is lost in emotion.

Sebastian (00:12:56) – The only goal is promotion. But that’s not where I focus. So I write lines to unwind, let loose and produce the same music I was used to that look diffuse and move with look and cluelessness. The reason that I do this and I’m looking at my life like, Did I choose this in the mirror? Like who’s this? When did I agree to walk this path? People act like they need a life map. And so think the world’s flat. Look around, they’ll be down you pretentious untapped. Take off the dunce cap, hug the atlas. Don’t duck the challenge. Believe in your dreams. March Madness, same bracket, but with practice. Tell us that I won’t make you climb Climax Can’t lie back. You’re still flaccid Got you all the grooves with the sound. Because the way I spit And now even got my dentist proud. Never looking down on my way up. Living every day up even with my left hand. Never missed a layup because I’m feeling right despite my appetite for girls who don’t need make up a good life.

Sebastian (00:13:44) – Like be a waste. I mean I say high knees or she at one tricks her mind me come find me top of the checklist ethnically blended subscribe to the Netflix never give my info to nympho if she exotic body like a hypnotic goddess may go back on my promise and let her say my credentials easily sidetracked by women with nice temporarily mind left try for high class and my raps go from on you kidding the bee in my living and my only business decision will be how soon do I get in the booth debut when I’ve written Monsoon of monsoons, raining down is living proof that my forecast wins more cash as it’s fucking morbid. Working for corporate don’t want to be bored with living in the north west. Flames and record. My mama’s name is Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi for sure. Formerly warned that the kid is going deep. His name is Stevie C and I got them. Woo! Yeah, let’s go. No, I’m saying yeah. Can I go to work at 7 a.m.? I’m like, How are we doing there? Like, I’m great.

Sebastian (00:14:40) – I don’t really want to be here. Oh, man. Oh, man. I love that. Love that. Steve, you moved to California? Yes. On an intuitive whim. You told me it was a full body. Yes. How do you listen to intuition? How do you achieve clarity and ignore logic? Amazing. So part of that process is actually writing. When I feel these things, it’s I write and it’s like from that higher state of like, that’s the truth. And then it’s like, you have to operate here. So music has been very helpful for me to see what I’m actually thinking versus what I’m feeling and what my knowing is. So what I like to say is there’s a I help. I actually do energy coaching and help this part of my life. Coaching evolved into energy coaching to help people find those blocks, tap into their frequency and what helps them. What’s really helped me is making a distinction, a distinction between the heart and the mind. They do a dance at all times.

Sebastian (00:15:41) – Sometimes they’re really close together. So it’s so there, it’s cloudy. Like, which one’s talking? Long story short, I follow the heart. And the heart is always very simple and it’s a knowing. And so even language is like, I think I should do this. Or it’s like, I know I want to do this right. You just then you say, you know, right. And then the heart for me has always come first. Like, I’ll feel something. And then the thoughts come. Like someone says, Do you want to perform like Michael? He’s like, You want to perform? Like, yes. And then I’m like, Oh, God, it’s kind of scary, right? Yeah, But it’s always the first thing that I feel there. Yeah. And it’s also very simple. It’s like if you feel your intuition always comes first. Yes. For me. Yeah. For you. Yeah, yeah. And the other. The way I find that out is like removing the outcome.

Sebastian (00:16:29) – So if I, if I, if I’m confused, if it came first, I mean, do I really want to do this? I say, okay, what if the outcome went amazing and what if it didn’t? There were no problems. What are all my fears about it? And get those out of the way and like like let’s say this place with next performance goes amazing and it leads to this. And of course I would do it right. So that makes it even clearer for me that it was just my mental fears coming in after what I truly want to do. Yeah, that man. Steve, how did your how does your background in it like that corporate job aspect? Is there something from there that you’ve brought into your passion filled journey? Journey? Um, so I wouldn’t say like my actual job I had, but I think the computer skills and programming background helped me do everything myself, which is very liberating, is so I like to say like for example, I’ve my whole journey, I filmed myself, edited myself, posted myself, which led to me being able to I did my own podcast, which I still do, and all of those things I created myself, produced myself, posted myself and gained all those skills which I can help clients with.

Sebastian (00:17:37) – That’s a big deal, man. Yeah, and the reason I ask you that is because I think that a lot of people that may be listening out, there are a lot of people that are on this sort of journey of finding their passion and being able to monetize that or just leaving something that isn’t fulfilling. They feel like, Oh, that means that I have to throw away everything that I have in the past, right? So it’s like you can always use even something from your past that you didn’t like or isn’t fulfilling. You can use it into your present or your future journey. So yeah, I like that question because it’s like I’ve, I, I’ve had people that I’ve worked at are corporate. They’re like, I spent three years of this job or five years of this job. And for me, one goes back to that quote, All the dots you’re making, look how it helped you. And I think that’s definitely a gift of mine, is to look at the positives from it.

Sebastian (00:18:19) – And one thing I love that’s a positive from the corporate job was I was wrapping dunk training and trying to create all this content around a 9 to 5 without getting like sunlight, for example. So it’s like a carved this efficiency in me to be able to do all these things. And now it also carved a lot of gratitude because I wake up every day and I don’t have to go somewhere and that is huge. So it’s like there’s always I believe there’s always first of all, everything that you’re going through is perfectly part of your path. So you may not know it in the moment, but just you will 100% find a reason for the path. Absolutely. I mean, even for me, I personally never had a corporate job and that’s not very common. But yeah, but even that, like I remember once building my companies, there was some skills that I didn’t have because I hadn’t had a corporate job. And so when somebody came in to the team, whether we hire them or whether it was a partner that I partnered with that had corporate experience, it was like, Oh, that’s great, thanks for bringing that corporate aspect into it.

Sebastian (00:19:19) – So like, I think we’ve got this sort of idea of like, Oh, corporate is the devil, corporate is shit and it’s not passion. Well, first of all, there’s tons of great inntrepreneur that are inside corporate jobs that are making change and creating impact. And there’s some beautiful corporations out there. But also, if that’s not your jam, corporate corporate structure can help you with your entrepreneurship, with with the entrepreneurship journey. So what about the transition into music? How did how did how did that come about? Yeah, so rapping started when first of all, I did some rapping as a kid. I have to find this video of me rapping those eight because I made the music video. I just thought of this recently like it’d be so fun because in my dunk journey I have me dunking at five and then dunking, so I’m like, It’d be fun to find those home videos. If we find it, we’re going to throw it in. Yeah, yeah. So that’s one is like, I just always love doing it.

Sebastian (00:20:03) – But then when I started vlogging more, I started adding music to my videos and I would say this would be a perfect intro for this video, like the song. And I wanted to have like a little bit of an intro. So I would like write some words to make an intro for the video they’re about to watch. And then I also started a podcast, same thing, made an intro for the podcast, but a big pivotal moment of starting the podcast was because I was writing some lyrics and recording a podcast and kind of making small raps for them. I was like, when I went to get my podcast mic, I got a mic that was like made for rapping as well. Like it wasn’t like the best podcast or the best rapping. It was like a good blend. So I’m like, I remember thinking like, am I going? It was almost like a in my movie of life. It’s like, which path are you taking? Like. Yeah. So I was like, That was cool.

Sebastian (00:20:49) – I still use that mic to this day. It’s like it’s a great rapping mic. So that was one big moment. And then it was just like writing it for my vlogs. And then like this corporate one, I just rapped. You was like, just for rapping. I just kind of like, you know what? I just I like this part of it. Let me just keep doing it. And now looking back, I was like, Oh my God, Like that one came true. Like, I’m not living corporate. And now I didn’t even like I wrote that like having fun, thinking that my business decision would be debuting my songs. And now it’s it’s actually happening. I love that, which is why I followed it more. So it’s why that’s epic, man. As I see, I consider I mean, I don’t know if this is how you would categorize it, but I consider you more as a conscious rapper because of the types of themes and inspiration that is built into your music.

Sebastian (00:21:32) – So you’ve got like you got over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, I believe in. So you’re reaching a lot of humans through social media and through YouTube and all these all these places. So is do you feel that music, particularly these sort of more conscious themes that you’re implementing in your music, are going to allow you to cause a greater impact? Yes, 1,000%. And that’s another reason why I let go of the dunking because it felt like physical. Yeah. And I could inspire people. But I remember me being inspired. It felt limited. It felt like I was limiting what I could do because I could only increase a little bit more. And this feels like I’m just starting the mountain and when I look at it literally is like taking dunking was an expression. I would say that later in my journey it was like it wasn’t even about the dunking. It was like I was performing. Yeah. And like the training and my videos are just I just love the performing aspect to go to the gym and I’d love training to like make a sick video.

Sebastian (00:22:23) – I’m like, Do I want to be a camera guy? I’m like, Not really. But I love the performing and if I just take dunking out and put rapping in, I’m actually training harder than I have in a year because I had no goals. But like I ran yesterday at the Venice Run Club, shout out, That thing is so much fun, but I’m running like crazy. I want to increase my lung capacity. I want to start dancing and training there. Like my physical training got inspired from this new performance. Yeah. So where was I with that? Just creating more impact. That’s through rapping. Yeah. So now it’s like looking at the journey that dunking had from like the inception of the idea to getting my first dunk to how far it went like increase my vertical like you said overcome genetics to now there’s a dunk camp that’s yearly that we inspire hundreds of kids every year. I’ve inspired over a thousand people to get their first dunk like and then the way it’s transformed me to like my mindset, to my mindfulness practices, to the journey I’ve been on in nine, ten years to to feel the same way about this new journey of like, what’s possible.

Sebastian (00:23:24) – It feels like it’s starting on the top of that mountain and it’s just like, Oh my God. So yeah, it feels like way more impact people can listen. Music has been so impactful for my life to navigate this whole thing, not writing it, but just being in it, like listening to it. So it’s like to think I can have that impact is incredible and the impact I’ve already had has been it’s been just like overjoyed. I don’t even know how to express it at Big Brother. Yeah, well, you can express it. Yeah. With some beaming yes to it. Yeah. So that one is a lot. I don’t know if I could. Let’s see how we can do this one. I’ll just give me some verses, brother. Yeah. So background of this one is allowing your genius like, a big part of my journey and my human design chart is like being a genius. And to call yourself that as like, some people have trouble with that. Some people don’t.

Sebastian (00:24:10) – I was like, Yeah, like to be a genius and unleash your genius. And actually my my mother was a very wise woman who talked about unleashing your genius. Everybody’s got it, right? Everybody’s. And before and before before we get into the sun. And we were talking about like we did the mic check and you were like, I am the best. Yes. And I love that you said that and I’ve heard it in your songs. And we’ve got this like, like imprinted thing that we call ourselves the best, that we’re being arrogant and that arrogance is bad. And so it’s like there’s this fine line between believing, yeah, that you are the best or that you can be a genius versus just thinking that you’re just better than everyone else and everyone else’s shit. That’s totally different, right? Totally different. And I think the line is, what’s your intention? Like, why are you saying it? And that that’s everybody always says, What’s your intention? But it’s your feeling like like for me, I have a.

Sebastian (00:24:59) – Song I’m the Best. And I have a song called Arrogant two. So the arrogant one was me like like we were about to talk about before the podcast was the arrogant song was like, There’s this voice in my head that wants to be arrogant, that wants to, like, say I’m the best, say all these different things. And I was like, suppressing. And I’m like, Let it out. Yeah. So like, it’s dancing with it, letting out, have fun with it. And it’s like, that’s a part of you. You can’t shut down any part of you. You’re going to shut down yourself, you know? So it’s about letting it out and in a healthy way, it’s fun. It’s a good song. And it’s it’s also just out for me. I’m a very expressive person. So if I try to, like, not say those things, it’s always going to be there instead of letting it out. Yeah, that’s my arrogant side, but I don’t have to act on that.

Sebastian (00:25:36) – Right. Oh man. And so on. The best one came about because I was like, You get to express it through music because when you have to act on it. Yes. While still having a positive impact through the majority of your content. Now they’re being very much, you know, mission driven, purpose driven, inspirational, but also that you could still be like, Yo, I can still got this arrogant side that I just want to get out and express it. Yeah. And I’ll actually tell you a quick story more about that, how I got the distinction, which is the song I sang at the beginning, which is the one step at a time. I had a plant ceremony with Kona about 2 or 3 years ago, and that’s what really helped me see the difference in my heart, in my mind, work with the shaman. And now when I was doing that, where was I going with this? Where do I begin? You said something that really helped me. Let me think for a sec.

Sebastian (00:26:29) – I didn’t think back during. Yeah, during this ceremony allowing what you want to do. I remember I was going. You were saying arrogant, allowing the genius, taking one step. Trusting your heart. Yeah. It’s just getting to know yourself. But where was I going? This was a good story. You’re going to like it. You talked about the plan. Medicine? Yeah. The plant medicine is a really good story. I’ll just tell you. I’ll just go in that story and see where it goes. So in this in the ceremony, one thing I noticed was I had the courage to, like, go into the ceremony. I felt the call. I’m like, I think I’m ready. I’m not sure if I’m ready. You never really know. But I had the courage and I felt amazing. Basically, it helped me, like flips your subconscious to your conscious state and you just feel and know everything. Like there’s no mind in the way. Oh, I got, I got it back, by the way.

Sebastian (00:27:29) – So I got it back. So you feel your mind out of the way. And I was talking to the shaman. I’m like, I feel so connected, like me and you right now, we have this connection. We feel some things. You probably know what I’m thinking, you know, But the mind’s like, Do I really know this? Do I really feel this? And it’s questioning. But during this plant ceremony, it removed that, like change your state so you feel so connected to everybody. You feel like you are that connection. You kind of have a whisper in other times. So I told him like, how do I keep my mind over there? I feel like my heart’s leading the way when I get off this medicine, how do I keep it? He’s like, You don’t like he’s like, I’m like, But my egoic I don’t want to act on my ego. At my heart. He’s like, You don’t. It’ll come back. I’m like, What do I do? How do I know? He’s like, You dance with it.

Sebastian (00:28:09) – And that is how I learned to make this music is you don’t push it away. You don’t say, My ego’s over there, your mind is over there. Your arrogance is over there. It’s going to come as part of you. So just dance with it and you get better at this dance. And that’s where that song One Step came from. And I love it because at the very last line of that song, I think you mentioned like, like you let go of the alter ego or Yes, I say like alter ego is now finished. Exactly. So it’s almost like you’re admitting you’re admitting to the listener like, hey, this is part of my alter ego. Yeah. And it’s it’s so much fun. It’s fun to just say those things. And so don’t be hard on yourself. Like, I shouldn’t say that. Yeah. It’s like, have fun with it. And so then leaning into that, I have a song called I’m the Best. And that came like a lot of like, what’s cool about the kin in this place is like there’s so many entrepreneurs and they share their stories in so many successes came from people having accidents.

Sebastian (00:29:06) – So like, I just want to do this and see what happens, or break something or have fun. And then it became like their business. And so a lot of my songs came from like me trying to make my friends laugh or me making myself laugh is not my focus. But it’s like that energy of like, let’s just it’d be so fun if I’m just like, I’m the best. Like, what’s playing a big It’s playing big man. It’s playing big. And if you don’t play big, if you don’t play a big role, you’re just not going to impact. It’s just not going to make a difference. You have to be able to play big and play into that, right? Yeah. So and, and I have also noticed the only time I ever feel like someone’s being arrogant, it’s it’s within me. Everything my songs are about, everything’s are within you. Yeah. And like, even recently is like, I wanted to be an artist, but I also have entrepreneurial goals and I’m like, I can’t do both.

Sebastian (00:29:50) – I’m not authentic if I’m doing an artist and I’m like, But I see these artists that I like kind of irk me. I’m like, Why do I Why did they irk me? Like they are not doing anything? And sitting with that long enough, I realized they’re using their creative genius in all these ways. And he was a comedian, famous comedian. And I was like, Why does it bother me? I’m like, I worry that if I got to that level, people will think I’m doing it for the money because he’s able to make so much money in different ways. And I’m like, What’s wrong with that? It’s wrong. Exactly. And so I let go of that and then I’m like, Now I’m free to do both and let your creative genius go wherever it wants to go. I love that. Should we get back to being let’s get back to the give back to me after moving to California, lots of waves. It’s like I’m trying to build a business and I still want to.

Sebastian (00:30:33) – I don’t know if I’m rapping yet. I’m just like writing on the side. I’m like, I feel this urge to say these things, but I don’t know where they’re going. And it’s scary. It’s like this joyful burst that’s like, But I’m on a highway where I’m feeling great and it feels like, Oh God, I smell demons. I’m blowing God a feeling It’s a no you can’t control. I just kind of let us focus. If I do, I swear I’ll overheat.

Steve (00:30:54) – It’s bigger than me this way over. Stevie’s just a human being removed and human let the being speak.

Sebastian (00:31:00) – And that’s the main course of that song. And what that means to me is that you have this vibration that’s so strong. Just let it guide you and have the courage to say like, Take Me. And that song came from that energy and reminds me of that energy. And that’s why I love rapping, because it’s it heals me as it as I share. And it’s like a really cool process. I love that bro is bumping that song, learning on the way here.

Sebastian (00:31:25) – Music videos just about out. Hell yeah, man. That’s exciting. It’s really fun. Steve Let’s talk about removing limits versus choosing limits. Uh huh. So we’re always talking about self limiting beliefs, like what is limiting? Us from becoming X or from doing X, right? So you spent your whole life removing limits in order for you to dunk, to do this, to achieve this, to achieve that. And then you came to a realization that actually limitation is what was going to help you get to that next step. You must have saw that choosing. Yeah. Choosing your limits. Yeah. I just. You’re awesome, dude. These are fantastic questions. Thank you. Seriously? Yeah. Yeah, That was. That was part of that clarity I had. When I’m like, Is this the right path? Because I spent ten years removing limits, overcoming genetics. It was like, I can do anything. I literally got to a place where I believed it. And one of the hardest things to believe is like physically, it’s like you can change your physical body because it’s like so material.

Sebastian (00:32:24) – Like the other things is like, Oh, can I make money? Come in and say, Well, that kind of magically happened. You don’t know how it came in. Like, physical is like weird that you can change your physical body, removed all limits. And I preached it. You are limitless, limitless, limitless. So then to be like, what do I do with this? I couldn’t choose. I was in this space of like because I would look at anything and feel like I can do it surfing. I was like, pro surfing Sounds incredible, right? I can do it. Painting, dancing. You can you name it as like, how the hell do I choose? And that’s in one of my songs. So was like I started to say I wanted to choose me. And as I’m doing that, I’m like reading this book The Wheels of Life. It’s about the chakras. And it talked about choosing your limits and the boundaries. I like to say boundaries to. That helps me see like limits feel like restrictive, correct? So I like to just use language for people that kind of maybe resonate more was like, now it’s like, okay, but what are your boundaries? You’re like a fire and you have no limits.

Sebastian (00:33:13) – You can go anywhere you ever want to go, but for the fun of life just to enjoy it to the most. Which way do you want to direct that fire? That’s what it feels like to create boundaries, because if you don’t, I would be in fine. Like I could do a little bit of wrapping, a little bit of dunking, a little bit of this and this. But I’m like, I want to channel all this to just grow bigger. Yeah. And that goes. People could say or my own mind says, Why don’t you do everything and make it huge, right? But it’s just not in my flow. And I only have I have limits because I’m in this reality. Yeah, yeah. It’s an interesting thing, especially for me, because I do feel that I have I am a very multifaceted human. And so what happens is that can be very distracting and it doesn’t allow you to go all in on one thing. And then at the same time, sometimes you are meant to be able to do multiple things, right? But where is that limit, right? You can choose, you can do a few different things.

Sebastian (00:34:08) – You can be multifaceted and have different things in life that you’re doing great at. But when you just start diluting and diluting and diluting. Right. So it’s really a fine dance of choosing those limits and boundaries. Definitely sounds a lot better. Yeah. And so what I’m at now, what I use is like allowing myself to feel lit up completely. So if I’m how I let things choose me is looking at the past and you’re always creating your now and also responding to and at the same time that’s the duality of life. So for example, I’ve surfed a couple of times in my life, but I’ve been rapping my whole life, basically. Yeah. And and then when I say, like, what do I want to do? It’s like, what? Like what’s calling me right now? Like, I spent a lot of time like, why is music call me. Why is it calling? Why is it calling me? It’s just calling me and it feels good and it’s exciting. And then when I follow that, I have so much fun.

Sebastian (00:35:00) – So that’s literally the only thing I’m following right now is the fun. That’s. That’s fucking great, man. That’s fucking great. I mean, if fun is the sort of the the notch from the universe that says, Yep, yep, that’s right. That’s right. That’s, that’s a, that’s a beautiful thing. Um, obviously some people can hear that and say, well that can take me down a dark path, right? So it obviously, it just depends on the intentionality behind it too. Right. I have another nugget for that. Yeah. That’s been very helpful in my path is fun is sort of the action I take and joy and the expression. Yeah, but I have a foundation of peace. So no matter what I do, even if it’s maybe like the entrepreneurial stuff or even my business, maybe brings me income, for example, that’s a foundation that when I lay down at night after following fun, like making a music video for absolutely no reason, which can be scary for the mind.

Sebastian (00:35:50) – Yeah. Where’s my foundation? Do I feel peaceful after doing it? Do I have like a good foundation of peace that’s making my human and my mind relax that I can go explore and have fun and just follow the funds? I think it’s very important to have both love that, love that. So every step in life and everything has led you. If you’ve got the right intention, right, it’s an opportunity for growth. And so you’re navigating all of these things like how do you keep the like, how do you keep the faith, the energy level, the positivity, Like every day when life is throwing shit at you, bro, Because energy, Steve has a lot of fucking energy, man. How does this work? Mastering your flow. Okay, so finding just like I said, excitement is my guide. Finding what your guide is. Some people might be. Purpose or whatever words it comes at you. I actually use my human design chart a lot. I have a design coach in the past few months.

Sebastian (00:36:50) – Working with her has been very helpful. So it’s like knowing what centers are more open to conditioning and what traumas you have. And so mastering your flow, knowing your mind, getting clear on your heart and what makes you feel the best. For me, it’s having peaceful foundation and a joyful expression and just having more magical moments. But other people might be like, for example, I was talking to my friend today. He wants to be more behind the camera. He’s not an expressive person, but he loves the storytelling behind the camera. And I was that too. But I was like, I always felt an urge. I’m like, I want to be in front of the camera. I want to be talking. I want to be sharing. So finding your flow, mastering your flow and looking at patterns, noticing patterns like what did you do in the past? What did you do when you were a kid that that had no restrictions? And then try to look at the future? What would you do if you made it in your in your mind’s eye, Let your mind talk, let it all out.

Sebastian (00:37:41) – And then what would you do? So finding your flow is what I would say. Love that, bro. Where is energy, Steve at in two years? Oh. Oh my God. So tough because in one year it’s been ridiculous. But two, I would love to have harmonious flow within my performances and my business. So whether it’s right now, I’m working on a media company that I’m building a team that might not be the number one thing, but I’m also working on energy coaching and that’s kind of my favorite part of the media, is like helping people find their heart and express it through their media. Like courageously saying like, This is the message I want to tell the world. Like, I like helped getting them clear on that. So it’s like energy coaching slash media and then performing like those two, like where my performance is light you up, you see my shine, you see me and my full flow and then you’re like, you’re inspired to find your full flow. Love that.

Sebastian (00:38:31) – And yeah, lighting up the world two years that’s light up the Southern hemisphere. What are top two traits that a conscious, conscious leader must embody today? Top two traits that are conscious leader must embody today.

Sebastian (00:39:03) – I want to say something about, like, internal work. Like put yourself first, like mastering internal. Everything’s internal. I don’t know if that’s a trait. Self awareness. I’d say self awareness and fun. Yeah, I love that. Yeah. I’ve only had one other person since this podcast started Safe Fun. And I love that. It’s so important, man. It’s so important, dude. I’m so excited for Journey Brothers. So excited for your journey. I want to give a special shout out actually to the sponsor of the show, The Kin, which is what we’re shooting at today, which is a membership network, accelerator and workspace for conscious entrepreneurs in LA. So pretty awesome. So definitely check that out. Shout out to for them. Absolutely. I’ve been in the accelerator for a few weeks, have had incredible meditations and just the people coming to the space.

Sebastian (00:39:56) – Michael helping out this podcast is I’ve seen so many people that light me up when I’m here. So I’ve been finding myself coming here more and more and more to and then the connections I make with the people, which I think is everything. So when it comes to conscious leaders, I came up with those traits because I want them to. That’s how I want them to interact with other people. And this space is really breeding that I follow the energy. So if the energy’s here, I was going to say it’s definitely an energy. It’s an energy that’s brewing that that definitely the founders like Michael and Oliver, definitely they’re promoting it and all of the people are feeding into it and it’s really beautiful and fun. And at the same time, what I think is interesting is there are a lot we talk a lot about like, like minded, like minded, like minded. It’s good to be around non like minded too. And so it’s really good to sort of have their similar intentionality and purpose and consciousness.

Sebastian (00:40:47) – But there’s also very like very many different humans and it’s good to be able to take those things and then take them outside and go non like minded. How do I consciously connect with somebody that’s non like minded? Because the only way we can change the world. Yes. Yeah, yeah. How would you do that? How would you connect to someone non like minded? Well, I think that for me the main thing is is understanding that in their head, if they are convinced of what they are telling me that I completely disagree with, there is a reason they don’t they’re not they don’t have like a like a bad intention. There is no one like that’s truly coming at the world with like a truly innate bad intention. They are the way they are because they are like that because of everything that happened in their past and they created that way. So it’s really trying to understand why that is and being open to also, you know, changing our minds. Actually, when I had Oliver on the podcast, I don’t know if he said it on the podcast or if you said it after or something, He said, Every week I asked myself, Did I change my mind on something this week? And I just thought like, Hey, that’s that’s really cool.

Sebastian (00:41:45) – I think I’ve been doing that in a very like non-conscious level. But like now I want to start doing that. I’m more conscious of like, how I changed my mind on something, right? It’s almost like we’ve got to be changing our minds on things to be growing. So I changed my mind on something recently that was really powerful for me. That’s actually in line with this whole theme of what your natural gifts are. How do people find them? It’s I felt like I was moving so fast in a good way, like harmoniously. And I didn’t add anything. I didn’t learn anything new. I didn’t like get more efficient. I removed things. So I removed unnecessary words from language. I removed unnecessary thoughts. And it was like, Whoa, All of your natural gifts are there, your natural state, and you just have to remove everything in the way. So that was like a really fun Love that, brother. Yeah. Well, Steve, thanks for being on, my man. Keep doing you.

Sebastian (00:42:32) – You truly are a conscious human or conscious leader, so keep doing it, dude. Thanks so much. Yeah.