Eddie Soffer is the ESG manager at Interactive Brokers which is one of the top online brokers in the world.

ESG stands for Enviromental, Social & Governance. So think impact investing and everything having to do with social responsibility and sustainability.

Eddy is one of the leads for IB’s ESG strategy & planning. 

He has had a very unique and inspiring upbringing in Mexico, he started his financial journey 20-plus years ago. He developed an affinity for sustainability and his journey inspired him and his team to develop an app called, IMPACT, a values-aligned trading platform for the modern investor. 

The IMPACT app is super cool guys and you’re gonna learn more about it in the show.

Eddy’s diverse background and cultural experiences continue to fuel his career passions and advocacy for more inclusive societies and communities and puts those core commitments into his life and work.

You don’t want to miss this podcast, we dive into the different financial aspects and what goes into investing your money into sustainable business. 

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Show notes as a general guide below. Somewhat in order and not written in perfect grammar because we want you to actually listen to the show!

  • Eddie’s last oh shit moment
  • Eddie tells us how investing money has changed over the years
  • Eddie explains the ESG world of investing
  • How is ESG the future of investing? Is it just Gen Z & millennials? 
  • Eddie walks us through a client journey who has social impact top of mind when investing.
  • We talk about how the Impact app is impacting people’s lives through purpose-driven investments.
  • The difference between investment guidelines in Europe vs USA
  • Crypto investing vs Impact Investing
  • Eddie talks about how the impact app gives something back to the community by planting trees and other initiatives
  • Giving Vs enabling and donating time and love
  • Has investing changed since all of the current talk about a recession 
  • Eddie shares his top two traits for a conscious leader to embody

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