Kevin is a High-Performance Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, and Podcast Host. He is also described as a Performance Philosopher, Folk Psychologist and Spoken Word Poet. I highly recommend this episode where Kevin and I get into the Old vs New paradigm of leadership and talk about the importance of emotional intelligence for leaders

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Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Kevin greets us from Bali
  • Kevin’s viral video called Masculinity is Dead
  • Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm of leadership
  • Why has the paradigm of leadership changed?
  • Conscious Leadership in business
  • How important is it for a leader to be self-aware?
  • Self-improvement and continuous growth.
  • Should a CEO show vulnerability?
  • Why is it easier for Females to demonstrate this vulnerability?
  • Compassion in leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence and business leaders

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