Whatsup Fam, Today I had on Arnaud Saint-Paul. An award-winning serial software, philanthropist, author, and finance and social impact entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has raised millions of dollars from angels, VCs and Family offices in Europe and the US.    He has also built channel partnerships with global brands, created and exited companies, learning what works and what does not.

Arnaud is passionate about two specific topics: Conscious Capitalism & Conscious Leadership – as he mentors CEOs to become conscious and enlightened leaders.

As an expert on Blockchain, Social Impact and Heartful Leadership™ he is often invited to keynote at global conferences.

As you can tell from this intro, I was super excited to talk shop with him. It was such a pleasure to have him on and I can’t wait for you to listen in. Enjoy the show!

LISTEN to this pod right here by clicking play or choose your favorite listening platform below. You can also WATCH the video podcast below that! Check out the show notes at the bottom to get more details about the contents of this episode. Enjoy!

Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Arnaud’s last oh shit moment
  • We’re both passionate about Conscious Capitalism and we’re going to talk about conscious business, but first Arnaud shares a time when he lived life more unconsciously…
  • Arnaud wrote a book called The Human Project. “You thought being an angel is easy…think again!” Arnaud explains this to us.
  • The I and the Human Experience
  • Do we have angels or spirits around us?
  • Why Arnaud is not afraid (or less afraid) of death.
  • The concept of business being spiritual and business entrepreneurship.
  • R=F(i) Reality equals function of I.
  • Pronoia. The world is here to love and support us.
  • Example of an unfortunate kid growing up in poor conditions.
  • The Heartful Method
  • Magical and mathematical.
  • Arnaud talks about the new Spiritual Masculine
  • Blockchain is now being adopted by major players in all sorts of industries. And blockchain was started by Satoshi for its use in the digital record keeping of Bitcoin. Arnaud shares if he sees this actually becoming mainstream and overall thoughts on Bitcoin or crypto.
  • Give nation, crypto for kids.
  • Arnaud shares his top two traits for a conscious leader to embody.

Connect with Arnaud at https://arnaudsaintpaul.com and on LinkedIn 

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