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I’m not messing around when I say scaling micro influencer campaigns is the cheapest form of creative content creation (say those last 3 words 5 times in a row).

Not only does your brand gain major awareness but it ALSO gets major amounts of unique content without having to plan 300 different photo/video shoots!

Hit me up if you’d like to understand the ins and outs of scaling micro campaigns 🙂

✌🏼 -Seb

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Below is a transcript of the video above created by Seb’s Robot buddy, Zekton. He tends to make mistakes so please forgive him if you find errors or some funky sounding sentences. For the real deal, watch the video above! I hope you were able to find value and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or insights on SEO or any aspect of digital marketing!

What’s up guys. Seb here in Santa Monica. I want to talk to you more about influencer marketing and talking about influencer marketing all the time, specifically micro influencer marketing. When you scale micro influencer marketing, you get a major bonus outside of the awareness that you gain. That’s content. Here’s what I mean by that. For example, this is one of my clients. Taylor passed, honey. This is an awesome honey brand from New Zealand, beautiful packaging lends itself great for micro influencers to create content, whether they’re boomerang in, when you’re, when they’re opening it, whether they’re showing you specifically each product and they are creating different types of recipes on foods, smoothies, whatever that may be, they’re getting to be creative with their own content strategy or style, right? So here’s the deal. You get a scaled micro-influencer marketing campaign, like I said, scale. So you get it out to a hundred, 200, 300.

Micro-influencers not only are you. And to get that awareness from them, talking about your product, you’re going to get Epic content that you get to reuse and repurpose. I know, and you know, photo shoots and video shoots are expensive and they’re hard to carry they’re necessary. You better have them when you’re launching your products, you better having on an ongoing basis. But think about two, 300 micro-influencers is shooting content for you. Think about that as 200 to 300 micro shoots that your brand gets for a much cheaper price than actually doing shoots with all those different models. So that’s why I highlight. We believe that scaling micro influencer marketing campaigns is the way to go. It’s a lot of work. It takes a lot of management, but it’s highly, highly effective. Need help with your micro influencer marketing campaigns and scaling them. Please feel free to hit me up on that till next time, guys. Peace.

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