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What is the most you’ve ever used a single piece of content?

If your company or brand doesn’t have massive budgets to produce ridiculous amounts of content try repurposing content. Get a couple of solid photoshoots and some solid videos and then reuse them month over month. However, change little things about them:

📽 Get shorter cuts from one long form piece
📽 Test different text overlays
📽 Shoot in sections so they can be used separately for different platforms
📽 Test front and back bumpers that grab attention

There are many ways to repurpose content so don’t trip if you don’t have an 80K/mo budget for content (hardly anyone does! Unless you’re a global giant you likely don’t have that for the year.)

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Below is a transcript of the video above created by Seb’s Robot buddy, Zekton. He tends to make mistakes so please forgive him if you find errors or some funky sounding sentences. For the real deal, watch the video above! I hope you were able to find value and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or insights on SEO or any aspect of digital marketing!

Man I’m telling you nobody in Los Angeles wakes up early. See, I’m always turning the lights on C, always turning the lights on anyways guys, what’s up Seth here in Santa Monica. Okay. You know, people are always asking me, said, how often should I change my content for ads, SERP? How often should I be changing my videos? My photos, my texts. Well, the truth is it really depends on how often you can change it. Right? How much budget do you have? How much content can you produce? Right. So an ideal world, you are constantly changing that right? Every month, every couple of months, you’re creating Epic new content at great new photo shoots. You’ve got new creative videos and you’re serving that to different audiences right now. The truth is not all companies can afford that. Not all brands can afford that, especially if you’re just starting out. So go with a few good pieces of content and then just repurpose that content, right? Change the little things in the copy, change, who you’re serving it to. Right. Do little things that will essentially refresh that content that you started with throw some text overlays on it at a different little intro, a little different outro to it, right? Don’t go crazy trying to create a thousand pieces of content. But if you can go ahead and do it anyways, guys until next time, peace.

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