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Over 50% of consumers will make a purchasing decision to go with a brand that TAKES A STAND on an important SOCIETAL or CULTURAL ISSUE.

This doesn’t mean your company should take a side on everything, but make sure you’re not afraid to STAND FOR SOMETHING.

🛑 PS: It goes without saying that your brand should only do this in the most authentic way. Never stand for something you don’t actually care about.

✌🏼⁣⁣ -Seb⁣⁣astian ⁣⁣

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Below is a transcript of the video above created by Seb’s Robot buddy, Zekton. He tends to make mistakes so please forgive him if you find errors or some funky sounding sentences. For the real deal, watch the video above! I hope you were able to find value and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or insights on SEO or any aspect of digital marketing!

What’s up guys Seb here in Santa Monica. I hadn’t started one of my videos where I turned the lights on because I’m the first one in. And that’s because I tend to be the last one out nowadays and I get a lot more activities done in the morning, but I digress. I was thinking about something very important in terms of brand communication as I was coming into work today.

And that is because we’re definitely an interesting social climate to say the least, right? There’s a lot of polarizing issues going on in society. And as brands and companies, the old school mentality has always been to always remain neutral, to stay vanilla. And that is because we’re afraid of losing consumers and clients and customers. Truth of the matter is that consumers have changed over the years. Then I’m not sure if they’ve changed, but there’s a lot of new research out there that tells us that is not the case anymore. Over 50% of consumers are actually making a purchasing decision on a brand or company that actually takes a side on an important social issue that they care about or that most of the world cares about. That’s something pretty interesting to digest there over 50% of consumers are actually making purchasing decisions based on a side that a company or brand is taking. So what I mean by that is you don’t have to go out there and pick a side for every single thing. Every topic that’s being spoken about out there. But if there is a social issue, a polarizing social issue that you, your company and your brand really resonates with, don’t be afraid to take a side and take a stand because consumers will actually resonate back with you till next time guys,

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