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Clarity • Connection • Purpose • Leadership

Characteristics I am to embody in my daily life on a personal and professional level.

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Clarity connection, purpose and leadership, clarity, connection, purpose, and leadership. Those four things have been coming up for me a lot lately. And I wanted to share them with you clarity in the sense of how I communicate and in my decision-making process clarity and the things that come through me in meditation and in my actions in life connection, in the sense of having always aspiring for deeper connections with my relationships, with my friends, with my family, with my coworkers and clients is, do you know anything about me? You know, I’m not much of a service level type of guy. So deeper connections is very important for me and purpose because when you have purpose in life, I mean, you just do things so much more passionately and things have so much more meaning and not just in your daily practice, but I also aim to have purpose into my business practices that also instill purpose into my client’s business practices because that not only inspires, but it also helps create positive change and leadership because I am to embody all of these qualities through my leadership. It’s not enough to either criticize other leaders or hope for different types of leadership without embodying the qualities that you want to embody yourself

Through your own leadership. So, yeah.

Clarity, connection, purpose, leadership.

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